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Questions after the interview:

At the end of an interview there is usually an opportunity where you can ask any questions you might have. This is a great opportunity to show the interviewer that you are interested in the position as well as the company. It is a good idea to prepare a few questions before the interview – this can be done while you are doing research on the company.

Your questions should show the interviewer that you are a good candidate for the position. Try and avoid questions that are based on your personal needs and preferences, for instance:

- How much leave will I get in a year?
- Will I be considered for promotion in my first year?
- When will I get an increase?
- What time can I leave in the afternoon?

These questions are inappropriate at this stage and will probably raise concerns on the side of the interviewer. Should you be the successful candidate then all these questions will be answered in your letter of appointment so don’t waste this opportunity by asking these basic questions.

If the position is an entry level job or very junior then you are welcome to ask questions in line with the position, for instance:

- Why did the previous person leave the position?
- What would the successful person be tasked to do in a typical day?
- How does this position fit into the department and / or company?
- Could you explain the company structure to me?
- Is there any further education assistance or support?

If the position is more senior then you can prepare question around the following themes:

- current issues that will face the successful candidate;
- inter-personal challenges in the department;
- any process, technology or people challenges that needs to be attended to urgently;
- key result areas that need urgent attention in the first few months;

The above information should get you started. Prepare a few questions so that you can show your worth. Good luck with your interview!

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